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So it's been a long time...

Hello people,
Not sure if anyone will ever see this, but I MISS YOU GUYS!!!  I miss our old board. 

New season of ER is going to be under way soon...I hear this will probably be the last one.  It's kind of sad.  My all time fav eppy is going to be on TNT soon, Be Still My Heart & then after of course All In The Family.  Probably next week.  There are some new shows that I can't wait to see.  Like the one called LIfe with the guy from Band of Brothers.  Then of course The Office starts up again soon, and Heroes, Grey's, CSI...I watch too much TV.  LOL.

Anyway, this summer totally flew by, this week we're having pretty craptastic weather.  I feel sorry for my daughter, what a way to go back to school, she goes back next week.  I've enjoyed this summer though.

Well, maybe I'll see you guys round these parts...bye!
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