So it's been a long time...

Hello people,
Not sure if anyone will ever see this, but I MISS YOU GUYS!!!  I miss our old board. 

New season of ER is going to be under way soon...I hear this will probably be the last one.  It's kind of sad.  My all time fav eppy is going to be on TNT soon, Be Still My Heart & then after of course All In The Family.  Probably next week.  There are some new shows that I can't wait to see.  Like the one called LIfe with the guy from Band of Brothers.  Then of course The Office starts up again soon, and Heroes, Grey's, CSI...I watch too much TV.  LOL.

Anyway, this summer totally flew by, this week we're having pretty craptastic weather.  I feel sorry for my daughter, what a way to go back to school, she goes back next week.  I've enjoyed this summer though.

Well, maybe I'll see you guys round these parts...bye!
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chris guitar

Hey everyone!

Hi all! It's me, Caitlin. I was HugeERfan88 at the old WBER board... I never really stuck around at the ER4U boards, but I'd like to be able to chat on this community. I don't watch ER as often as I used to, but it's still fun to talk. I miss the old boards!

Oh, mrs_batman! Not to sound like a complete fangirl... But I was drawn to your Gerard Way icon, haha. So I was snooping around your profile and your icon posts for a little while. Could I friend you? We have quite a few similar interests-- MCR, The Killers, Coldplay, Scrubs, The Office... :D
Also, a quick question for you! Did you happen to know a Dan/Daniel Young from your high school? He graduated in 2003, I think, after moving from Australia a couple years before that. I was surprised when your hometown sounded familiar to me!

Anyway, I'm more active on LJ than I was on the ER4U boards... It's my procrastination tool. ::goes back to writing scholarship essays::
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Patrick Dempsey

(no subject)

Ok, so I found the ER4U page that allows me to post but where the HELL are other people's posts??? How do I get to ER4U from my homepage? Yes this post is redundant but I am ready to scream!!

PS Has anyone felt predatory??? LOL
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Patrick Dempsey

(no subject)

Ok, it says post to ER4U. Maybe this one will post to the community. I'm really going to miss the ER4U board.

I'm worried that Goran Visnjic may be leaving the show. I want him to have a successful career and I know that that means making more movies but I still don't want him to leave ER. Well, If I have time I'll post more tomorrow--after the show.
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MCR - gerard in a suit


Hey guys,

This post is for two reasons, really. One is so you can reply with any comments/questions you have about LiveJournal, the board closing, or you know, whatever. :)

The other is so you can test and see if this shows up on your Friends Pages, as a few people have been having problems.

<3 Amanda/MERF/mrs_batman

Also, if this works for you, post! Once we get this sorted for everyone I'll probably set some rules (like one post per episode wherein all discussion will go in the comments for that post, and stuff like that so everyone's friends pages aren't swamped).
geez! them guys upstairs;

oh my, you don't say!

hey look, it's sam.

aka samthecg...? :P it's been a long time. I could never get into er4u, but I figure it's easy on lj. because I'm so lj's bitch. I spent a lot of time on WBER, if you don't remember me. but that was so long ago. oh man. when I was going into high school! *nostalgic, considering that she's graduating in a couple months*

yeah, I like tv talk still, though I don't watch er. I do watch newsradio though. *points at mr. james* I actually have a bunch of you on lj still. :P whatever. I've joined this community.
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